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Sunday Worship – Sixth Sunday of Easter

This week’s Sunday service at St. Oswald’s church will begin at 10 a.m and will last around 40 minutes. All are welcome! Activity packs are available for children. The sermon and intercessions will be about staying at home – at home in God’s love, and in the ‘palace’ God has made for us. The Sunday…

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Fruit of the Vine

It is said that St Frances, when a young man, was injured in war and spent some time as an invalid confined to bed. Francis took to reading romantic stories where the characters all lived happily ever after. He alternated these stories with reading about the lives of the saints. After a while he noticed…

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Sunday Worship – Easter 5

Our Fifth Sunday of Easter online service comes from the University of Wolverhampton and is led by Rev Prebendary Sarah Schofield. The service explores transformative conversations with students and staff, alongside music and prayer. The service can be viewed at 9am Sunday morning and anytime afterwards. The Vicar’s Sunday afternoon sermon, ‘Fruit of the Vine’,…

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The Good Shepherd

This fourth Sunday after Easter has become known as Good Shepherd Sunday as the readings are always about shepherds and sheep. At Christmas, we often hear of the Shepherds as being rather smelly and uncouth: a contrast to the Magi who were wealthy, sophisticated and probably delicately perfumed – rosewater maybe. By Good Shepherd Sunday…

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Wounds and Scars

Wounds are not mentioned in today’s’ Gospel reading, but they are definitely implied – for what other reason would Jesus ask his disciples to look at his hands and feet – surely his face would be more easily recognised. But it was the wounds of crucifixion at which Jesus asked his disciples to look. By…

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A nice cat came into church just now – while we were setting up for the service. It came in, had a look around and then decided there were just too many people so went off.

The church is looking lovely with its candles and Easter flowers.

Sunday Worship – Remembrance and Prayer

This week’s online service, 9am Sunday and thereon, will be led by the Archbishop of York, Stephen Cottrell from Bishopthorpe Chapel. It will be a service of remembrance and prayer for HRH The Duke of Edinburgh. The Vicar’s afternoon sermon, Wounds and Scars, will be uploaded to the blog at 2pm…

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