LENT 2021

Daily Meditation

Rev’d. Dr. Nicholas Heale has written a daily meditation with readings from the Bible, early Church Fathers and Mothers, poetry and reflections. These will be uploaded to the blog each day and can be found here.

Daily Spiritual Practices

This Lent, you may like to explore different Christian Spiritual Practices – ways in which people have developed their lives as Christians over the centuries. Starting on Ash Wednesday and then each Sunday of Lent, a new Spiritual Practice will be uploaded to the Blog for you to try each day of that week. The practices are

Ash Wednesday (17th February 2021): ‘Examen’ – looking back on the day prayerfully.

First Sunday of Lent: ‘Lectio’ – a prayerful way of reading the Bible

Second Sunday of Lent: Silent/Contemplative Prayer – being open before God

Third Sunday of Lent: Fasting – self denial and preparation

Fourth Sunday of Lent: Almsgiving – sharing your resources with those in need.

Fifth Sunday of Lent: Daily Prayer – short services for daily prayer

Click here for those published so far.

Daily Bible Reading

If you would like to read the Bible each day in Lent. the Lenten Lectionary is available here.

Have a holy and fruitful Lent.

Rev’d. Dr. Anne Morris