Sunday Worship – First Sunday after Trinity

This week’s Sunday service at St. Oswald’s church will begin at 10 a.m and will last around 40 minutes. All are welcome! Activity packs are available for children. The service will be a quiet, reflective service of Holy Communion lasting around 40 minutes. The sermon will reflect on the labelling of Jesus as mad and evil, and what this meant in his time. How does ‘labelling’ still affect us today? Jesus spoke of ‘binding the strong man’. What did he mean by this, and is this still relevant 2000 years later?

The Vicar’s Sunday Afternoon sermon, “Labels”, will be uploaded to the blog at 2pm.

Fr Oliver Coss leads the 9am online worship from All Saints’ Northampton. The service celebrates Corpus Christi, the day of thanksgiving for the sacramental gifts of Christ’s body and blood in Holy Communion. The service will then be available at any time afterwards.