Funerals at St. Oswald’s

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After a death, when many feel exhausted and bereft, there can be an awful lot to do. We regard it our job and our privilege, to help bereaved individuals and families as much as we can: at St. Oswald’s we are committed to supporting and helping all those who are bereaved. We are happy to conduct funerals for anyone – it doesn’t matter to us whether or not you (or the deceased) are a church goer or a member of the Church of England. What we offer is a Christian funeral, in which the deceased person is remembered and committed to God. We believe we offer the very best for funerals including a visit from the Vicar beforehand to listen to the family of the person who has died – this makes for a much more personal funeral service whether you choose a service in Church or at the Crematorium. We will offer you support after the funeral – a member of our care team will be in touch. You will also receive a personal invitation to our annual service of remembrance for those who have died. If you need ongoing care and support we will do what we can, and help you to find support elsewhere if necessary.

Church Services.

Coming into church enables a longer service than simply going to the crematorium where time is limited. A church service gives the opportunity for friends and family to participate in the service and allows time to sing hymns or listen to music. The format of the service is similar to that at the crematorium, although the final committal takes place either at a short service at the crematorium or at the graveside should you choose a burial. It is also possible for the deceased person to be brought to the church the previous evening, possibly with a private service for close family – this can be especially helpful if the funeral service is expected to be attended by large numbers of people. There is no extra cost for this from us, although your Funeral Director may make an extra charge.

Services at the Crematorium

Even if you opt for a simple service at the crematorium, we still offer same high quality care and service – you will be visited by the Vicar beforehand to plan the funeral service and by our care team afterwards. Time constraints at the crematorium makes the input of family and friends into the service much more difficult. We still offer a prayerful, thoughtful and peaceful service. This is the best option for many people for all sorts of reasons.

Burial  and Cremation.

People choose between burial and cremation for a number of reasons, including cost. The Vicar is happy to discuss this with you and help you to reach the right decision. We are able to inter ashes in our garden of remembrance at St. Oswald’s – if you live locally, this makes visiting your loved one much easier.


Please ask the Vicar about costs and fees. Please contact the Vicar on

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