St Oswald’s Church

Cabin End Row
Stanhill Road, Knuzden

Tel: 01254 698321

Enquiries should be made to Area Dean, Rev’d Andrew Horsfall at ELHT chaplaincy office on 01254 732354

Beavers and Cubs

To contact Beaver or Cub leaders, please visit the Church Hall, Fecitt Brow on a Wednesday evening between 6-8pm.

Rainbows, Brownies and Guides

To contact Rainbows, Brownies and Guides: email

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  1. Amanda webber

    Good morning, during a spell in hospital I met a lovely elderly lady called dora, she lives in your churches area near the old mother redcap and is very isolated, housebound and has been poorly. She has been let down regularly with services and neighbours and doesnt have any contact from family. I was wondering if there were any community projects that may be able to link in with her and provide her with some human contact. I do have more details for her if needed. Thankyou from amanda Webber.

    • Vicar

      HI Amanda, Not sure about projects in the Redcap part of the parish, but if you are able to pass on her details I can make sure she is visited – can’t promise every day bu we’ll do our best. We do have a monthly ‘breakfast club’ if she’s able to get out. Let me know.

  2. Sandy Charles

    Dear Reverend,
    Having lived in Shadsworth / Knuzden areas for many years and seen many changes I am disappointed and troubled with what remains of the Church family.
    I happened upon what is I assume is your sermon today and feel quite perplexed.
    You talk of the Vicarge garden and sowing seeds. I am sure the Vicarage garden is lovely but both the Church and centre gardens require major care. This is was people ser. The Church gardens used to be very well looked after but these last few years seen to be neglected. Even the garden of remembrance is not a welcoming place to sit all its weeds. Surely the Church could find a gardener from its small remaining membership or even from the estates such a shame.
    Sowing seeds ? Welcoming and Inclusive ? This isn’t quite how the community see the village Church these days.
    Where have all the community events gone ? Walking Day, Rose Queen, Jacob Joins events for Harvest and other occasions, events on the Vicarage garden such as cream teas, summer fundraising etc.
    What a shame the links with the Church School are broken is that Inclusive and moral ? The children need that relationship to be repaired.
    You asked the question Where do we go from here? More specifically how can we make the experience of worship, welcoming and fellowship one that makes people want to come back ?
    Perhaps these questions should be reflective ? What has made people leave for other worship centres ?
    Recent local reflection shows what a bustling vibrant Church we had and what it meant to the people such a shame.
    Sandy Charles

    • generaladmin

      Dear Sandy,
      Thank you very much for your email. I’m pleased that you use the website which we try to keep lively and interesting, especially during this time of lockdown.

      Concerning the Church and Hall gardens, this year has been exceptional because during the Spring, when everything exploded into life, we were hit by the Covid-19 lockdown. My son, who does the gardening for both gardens, wasn’t able to go out and had to leave them to their own devices until recently, when he has been trying to catch-up. The recent prolonged rain has also prevented him from mowing the grass. The good news is that over the weekend, he managed to mow the lawns of both gardens. He tries to keep on top of things and last year replanted the beds of the war memorial – red cyclamens, tulips and pansies.

      We are always looking for volunteers and donations to help with the churchyard. If you would like to help out or know anyone else who would like to do so, please let me know. For a couple of years I’ve been looking for volunteers – I would be nice for a group of people each to take responsibility for a part of the churchyard.

      Concerning the church, yes, you are right, there were once quite a few village events. Having been Vicar here for nearly 20 years, I remember those you mention. The walking days stopped when we were no longer able to find a band. We still hold a very popular Christmas Fayre and sometimes a summer gala too. Large events are more difficult these days as we have so few volunteers, so we are concentrating on smaller events that we can manage. For instance we run a monthly Breakfast Club at the hall which was proving very popular before lockdown. Similarly there is a weekly coffee afternoon on Wednesdays which is currently closed due to the lockdown.

      Normally there are two services every Sunday to which anyone is welcome. The post lockdown situation with services is still unclear, but announcements will be on the website when things pick up again.

      The church is the people and only exists where people join in. Likewise, it can only do as much as its volunteers can offer. When things get going again following the lockdown, you are very welcome to join us.

      Many thanks,

      Rev’d Anne

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