All Soul’s Service – Sunday evening 1st November

Next Sunday, 1st November, we will be holding the annual All Soul’s service – a time to remember our loved ones who have died. 


Owing to the Covid restrictions, we will be opening the church from 5-7 p.m. for reflection and prayer, rather than having a service.


People will be able to light candles and sit and reflect for as long as they wish. If you would like to write your loved one’s name on a piece of card or to bring a photo, you may place them by your candle in church. Clergy will be on hand if you would like to talk to a priest.


There will be some booklets to take away for use at home, including leaflets written for children affected by grief.


Someone will also be there to help if you would like to add your loved one’s name to our memorial book.


You are welcome to come along and bring your family or friends.