A visit to St Oswald’s Well

Michael and Carol recently holidayed near Oswestry which is one of the places in which our Patron Saint may have met his untimely death. There is a legend that, after his death at the hands of Penda, the pagan King of Mercia, an eagle flew down, picked up Oswald’s arm and flew off with it. The arm was dropped in a field, where a spring immediately welled up – this is one of a number of Holy Wells associated with St. Oswald. See the photos below.

Michael and Carol also visited St Oswald’s Church in Oswestry where they were made very welcome! There’s a picture of the church below too.

But did you know there is another well dedicated to St. Oswald in the churchyard at Church Kirk. I haven’t managed to find it yet – but watch this space!well Michaelplaque stoswaldsoswestry

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