All Age Worship – Good Shepherd Sunday

Today our activities were all based around the theme of Jesus the Good Shepherd.

For our prayers of confession we hunted for lost sheep, hidden around the church, and brought them back home. We thought about times that we’d strayed away from our Good Shepherd and we accepted God’s love and forgiveness.








For our prayers of intercession we, gently, made shepherds’ crooks from pipe cleaners. Then we chose a beautiful glass bead bead – choosing a colour that reminded us of the person or situation we were praying for. Side by side on the table, the shepherds’ crooks and beads were our prayers for those in need.








For our learning activity we looked a beautiful picture by Sieger Köder, of The Good Shepherd. We thought about where we were in this picture – maybe the lamb on Jesus’ shoulder or someone rejoicing, or a butterfly flying away. Everyone had a postcard of the same picture to take away with them – their thoughts written or drawn on the back.





We then celebrated the Eucharist together.

Our church was full of sheep to help us celebrate this special day!


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