Intercessions for the Third Sunday of Lent

Jesus, giver of living water,
We bring your church to you in prayer.
We give thanks for those whose lives
given in proclamation and service
have given birth to our faith.
Today, at the end of International women’s Week,
we give thanks for Photini, the woman at the well,
and for Mary Magdalene,
Apostle to the Apostles,
for faithful women who have guided us in the faith,
and for the women of this church.

Jesus, giver of living water,
We pray for all who thirst today,
physically or spiritually,
and for those who, to this day,
build wells, bringing fresh water to villages and towns across the world,
those who fix leaks, install pipelines
and keep our water fresh and clean.
We pray for a solution to the pollution of our lakes, rivers and seas
because of the dumping of sewerage,
plastic waste
and the overuse of nitrates on the land.
May the world’s waters be living water once again.
We pray for all those who help people find spiritual refreshment,
remembering especially our Diocesan Retreat House at Whalley Abbey.

Jesus, giver of living water,
We pray for all those who find themselves in arid places in their lives.
We pray those who are sick, especially…
And for all who tend and care.
We bring to you our loved ones who have died,
….. That you will welcome them into God’s presence with joy.
And for their loved ones who mourn and grieve:
bring them refreshment, nourishment and hope,
Lord, we pray.

And we give thanks,
that you meet us wherever we are;
Like Nocodemus, by night
or Photino, by day.
Give us eyes to see.
And we give thanks for water:
for taps and sinks and showers and baths,
for spring rain and snow,
And for the living water we receive from you,
All our days. Amen