Secondary School Admissions

Secondary School Admissions

As a result of increase in demand for places in church secondary schools, some children have failed to gain admission. St Oswald’s has a voluntary register which should be signed each time parents and children attend church. The entry rules for St Wilfrid’s and St. Christopher’s have been changed and it would appear that weekly attendance by parents is necessary to secure a place. Please note that it is parental attendance which is registered. if your children attend church parade, this does not count as once monthly if you are not there also. Therefore the vicar will be referring to the register in order to prove attendance when completing admissions forms. She will not sign for weekly, monthly attendance, etc., if the register has not been signed. Please bear this in mind if a church school is going to be your first choice. The register is on the table at the back of church and may be signed at the end of the Service. Please see Pat Hood if you wish your name to be added to the register.

There will probably be many disappointed parents and children this year as pressure for church school places becomes more intense. However, the rules are quite clear, and if you wish your child to attend a church school then you must attend church. Please also bear in mind that church attendance is usually counted over the  two years previous to the application being made, therefore this needs to be thought about when your child moves in to year 4.

If you have queries regarding school admissions and attendance, please contact the warden on

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