Welcome back to St. Oswald’s

Welcome Back to St Oswald’s we are re-opening for morning service 10am 26th July (there will only be 10am services for the time being)
It is lovely to be able to write these words although Church may not look and be exactly as it was when we were last here on 15th March 2020. Following Government and Church of England guidelines we have put these instructions Welcome Back to St Oswalds in place to try to keep everyone safe. We ask that when you feel the time is right for you to come to church for a service, that out of respect, love and care for each other, you abide by these instructions that have been put into place.

Please note recent guidance advises that face coverings should be worn.

Welcome Back to St Oswalds

As we will be retaining contact information for the NHS Track and Trace please see the relevant Privacy Notice here COVID 19 Test & Trace Privacy Notice