Graham and Jessica were married today at St Oswald’s. It was a lovely wedding! It was good to see the church full – 100 adults and 20 children. The bride arrived in a beautiful horse-drawn carriage. 



A big ‘thank you’ to St. Oswald’s volunteers

St. Oswald’s volunteers have been hard at work these last three weeks maintaining the gardens and restoring the notice board. Things are looking really lovely. The PCC, Vicar and warden would like to express their sincere thanks to everyone involved. All sorts of things need to be done at church. If you would like to…

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St. Oswald’s volunteers are repairing the old noticeboard and main gate.

The noticeboard was made by volunteers a very long time ago. Originally, the frame held a blackboard and the wardens and vicar wrote the notices on with chalk!

The next job to be tackled is the garden at the back of church which is overgrown with brambles.

Safety Guidelines

Following Government and Church of England guidelines St Oswald’s PCC has put the following guidelines in place to try to  keep everyone safe. It is important to be aware that data for the area indicates that infection rates remain high so please think carefully about your own personal and family vulnerabilities. The PCC asks that,…

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Get a Covid test to protect yourself and your loved ones

Lancashire’s top health experts are urging residents to get a Covid-19 test if they are concerned about their health – even if they aren’t showing the classic symptoms. The three main symptoms of Covid are a high temperature, a persistent cough or a loss of smell or taste. But there are other symptoms that have…

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