Hope at all Times

Romans 8:12-25

Slowly but surely, we have found ourselves coming out of lockdown, due to the pandemic easing somewhat.

We’ve gone from two metres apart to one metre and from no pubs, hairdressers or barbers to all of them being open again and enjoyed by thirsty drinkers and desperate women and men eager to get their overgrown locks and tresses hacked back and into some kind of order!

For many sadly, they are still feeling bound up and confined to home, they may be still shielding or may have mental health issues due to the lockdown and so are too scared to venture out.

All of us are taking one day at a time, because thinking ahead would be too much to cope with.

We have been through so much since March 2020 and have experienced so many losses of loved ones and friends.

As the days pass by we wait for better days to come, and they will. As we wait for better days we also wait for Jesus’ return; for all to be revealed as children of God.

It may be hard to think ahead when the TV and newspapers focus so heavily on the killer virus, but as Christians we know this is not all there is to life.

We will all be set free one day, so we wait patiently for something that is worth waiting for: to meet with our God, our Creator.

I’m a member of the longstanding Blackburn Diocese Mosamaria Trust Fund. As if being an orphan and vulnerable child and/or infected by HIV/AIDS was not enough to contend with they now find that a world pandemic is in their midst.

Thankfully due to our many members they are not alone. Our trustees and members provide donations so that food, clothes, health care and learning can be allocated to these children in the Free State of South Africa so that they can smile again.

Please make a difference to these children and to their families lives too, by visiting this website: www.mosamaria.co.za

They hold onto hope in God as we do as He continues to provide for their needs through us.

Gloria Birdsall

A member of the Blackburn Diocese Mosamaria Trust Fund, Licensed Reader at St Peter’s and St David’s Church, Fleetwood and Church of England Ordained Vocations Mentor