Sunday Worship – Sixth Sunday of Easter

This week’s Sunday service at St. Oswald’s church will begin at 10 a.m and will last around 40 minutes. All are welcome! Activity packs are available for children. The sermon and intercessions will be about staying at home – at home in God’s love, and in the ‘palace’ God has made for us.

The Sunday afternoon sermon, ‘Stay at Home’ will be uploaded to the blog at 2pm.

This week’s online Sunday service  comes from St. Luke’s Church, Gas Street Central, Birmingham. Led by Tim Hughes, it explores loving and following Jesus, through music, prayer and reflection.

St. Luke’s Gas Street Central church building is unusual because it was once a gas retort house and is the oldest such structure in the world. It is adjacent to the famous Gas Street Canal Basin.

Birmingham’s Gas Retort House was built in 1822 for the Birmingham Gas Light and Coke Company to contain the risky, high-temperature process of producing gas by heating coal. After a long time being unused it was converted to a church by Birmingham Diocese.