Do you know many people visit St. Oswald’s Church website?

St Oswald’s Church website was originally set up by Mrs. Bee Martin, the Vicar and Anna Morris (of Gingerling Design and Consulting) in 2014 as a platform to keep everyone in touch with what’s happening at church. From 2017, the numbers of people visiting the site have been collected by Anna.

Can you guess how many people visit the church website and from where in the world? If  like me you can’t, here is a graphic from Anna showing the 2019 figures compared to 2018 and 2017. It shows that 5,459 people visited the church web site in 2019 and they looked at 13, 330 pages or posts. As for where they viewed the web site from, have a look at the map below – it’s more or less everywhere in the world!

A quick bit of maths tells us that this means on average almost 15 people look at nearly 37 pages or posts every day, or, if you prefer the numbers in weeks, 105 people looking at 256 pages or posts every week.

If you are reading this, you are now one of them, so God bless you and welcome to the St. Oswald’s Church web site!




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