All Age Worship – Sunday 17th July

2016-07-16 13.43.19We based our Eucharist around the story of Mary and Martha – our symbols were a mobile phone (representing our busyness and distraction) , a washing up bowl and dishmop (representing Martha’s busyness and distraction and a pair of feet (reminding us that, like Mary, we need to sit at Jesus’ feet and be with him) – these were pink, plastic and a bit scary!. After we had brought our sins to God we all washed our hands in the washing up bowl – how easy it is for us to forget that God washes away our sins when we bring them inti God’s presence). Rev Michael preached about our distracted lives – he even arranged for a mobile phone to ring in the middle of his sermon and for Carol to answer it and have a very loud conversation in which she told the person on the other end that she couldn’t talk as she was in church! He then reminded us that the most important thing of all is to spend time with God. He did admit to feeling a bit sorry for Martha though! Then, in our intercessions, we spent a little time in silence – sitting at Jesus’ feet, listening and talking in our hearts. We all received a small foot cut out to take home – to put somewhere conspicuous to remind people to spend time with God. Lot’s of people took extra feet to give away.

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