It’s 22nd September and Autumn…

Summer is over for another year… and what a year it has been. The church garden now definitely has an Autumn look with wet spiders webs, red berries glowing in the sunlight and pink sedums, the herald of Autumn, finally coming into flower. Somehow, the roses keep on going. Nobody has told them summer is…

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Tonight’s PCC meeting went very well. It was a relaxed happy discussion on current issues. The Vicar chaired the meeting.

The dates and agendas of meetings are pinned at the back of church for those interested.

The cleaning group met up at 9.30am today and had an hour’s fun fighting the cobwebs, hoovering and cleaning the brasses and worktops.

The group meets for just an hour on the first Saturday each month for a relaxed time cleaning and a bit of a chat.

If you would like to get out and help out, why not come along at 9.30am on Saturday 4th September? It would be nice to meet you.

St. Oswald and his Raven

As we approach celebrating the feast of our patron saint, St. Oswald, why not enjoy this fun rhyming animation of a German medieval legend. It uses imagery from Peterborough cathedral’s medieval bestiary. For something more serious, the Wikipedia entry contains a lot of information……

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