The Story of Joseph’s Dreams coming true

So over the last 2 weeks Canon Michael with the help of his puppet ‘Joseph’ shared the story of Joseph the Dreamer. We started by listening to a track from the Musical Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat.

This weeks Family Pack follows the story of Joseph’s dreams coming true and there are lots of activities for you to share as a family whilst exploring the readings. What differences can you see between Joseph and his brothers in this part of his story compared with last week (Genesis 37)? Can you think of a difficult time in your life which you now look back on as a good and positive learning experience?

Josephs dreams come true

We hope you enjoy the activities and we would love to see your activities & colouring so why not message them to us on our Facebook Page or e.mail them to us on and we can share them.

There will be packs like these available for the children in Church on Sunday’s but don’t worry if you don’t feel confident to join us just yet we will still upload them every week.

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